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Wild boar hunt "Summer"

A unique hunting offer! Only with us!

Hunting season: May 1. - September 10.

Have you ever had the chance to hunt wild-boar during the summertime midst the ripe wheat- and oats-fields? Have you ever heard the subtle sounds caused by a sounder of wild-boars heading for the field? Have you ever behold the sight of a big black tusker amidst a goldish wheat-field - the dream of every hunter? If you have - if you were so lucky, you will never forget the atmosphere on the raised-hide and the hunt.

However, the pleasure of a wild-boar hunt in the summer can vanish very quickly, if kill a boar with tuskers beyond 20 cm (as shown in the picture) - making the trophy too expensive. You do not bear this risk with me. If you manage to hunt down a royal tucker, instead of a surcharge to the original price - you get my congratulating handshake. The same applies if my guest hunts down several boars! Only in the case the guest does not even spot a tusker, he shall pay less - unlike with many other organisers.

Each year, we plant 70 - 100 hectares of game-field within our hunting ground, out of that 50% wheat and 50% oats. Those corn-fields or their sizes, positions and their raised-hides located on them get suitably adapted to summer hunts. All this serves the hunt and - first of all of course - the experience of our guests.


Hunting from a raised-hide for wild boar


Number of hunting days Package price (€)
3 380
4 465
5 550
6 635
Without guarantee of wild boar kill.

No extra price for big tuskers, or "fuller hunting-bag".

The hunt will take place only on huntinggrounds with damages caused by wild.

Extra hunting days: 85 € / day


Hunting from a raised-hide for wild boar possibility also at the feeding-place

Number of hunting days Package price (€) - successful hunt Package price (€) - unsuccessful hunt
3 650 480
4 780 560
5 910 600
6 1.040 600
Unlimited number of hunting-bag and no extra price for big tuskers.

    In cases of wounding, miss or shot at a fox, deer without antlers, wild boar - the full price shall be paid.

    An unsuccessful hunt is, if the hunter should have not the chance to shoot.

Extra hunting days: 130 € / day

Package price including

  • 30 days hunting license with liability insurance, handling charge
  • Accommodation with half board
  • Kilometre-fee in the hunting ground
  • Attendance in the hunting ground
  • Trophy assessment
  • Entire shooting of wild boar is unlimited in quantity and size.

Additional costs

  • Drinks
  • Single bedroom extra charge 16€/ person/ day
  • Price difference of accommodation, if not in hunting lodge of "Nagyvad Hunting", or Hotel Blues (Balassagyarmat) 20€/ person/ day
  • Companion: 55 € / day
  • Airport transfer

All other kind of bagged games, should be paid according to the price list


Advance payment: 50 € / person


This hunt-package is very popular with the hunters, since there definitely no unexpected payments. During the hunts on summer-evenings - the guest can concentrate fully on the hunting experience - forgetting the wallet completely.

The use of a gun-lamp is allowed. 

I can warmly recommend an inspection of the hunting ground - accompanied by our staff. In order to gradate the hunting experience, the day before the actual hunt, we search the terrain - so that the guest will know exactly where to sit and for what kind of game. This is an integral part of the hunt - similar to the preparation for a date with a pretty lady and in the case of Diana (I mean female hunters) - it would be a handsome youngling.

If permissible by the number of planned kills, there is also the chance of hunting down roebucks.

The evaluation of this package (which, by the way - I offer for six years already) is positive to 90% in terms of offer, possibilities and criticism of my guest. Each of my guests shall take into account that this package includes no guarantee of wild-boar kill. On the other hand, there is also no additional payment for a "fuller hunting-bag". This offer does also not apply to bait-grounds - but I allow also exceptions in individual cases. Unlike the previous years, I charge no extra price for the accidentally killed leading wild sows.

Information for agents: I provide no discount or commission on that package price, since this was calculated very low, at price which would hardly cover the overhead-costs of many other providers. Agents wanting to make some profit on that package should add their respective commission on top of this price.